American Spinster: How-To Series

American Spinster How-ToWant to know a secret? You’re not alone wondering how you’re supposed to learn all this live-on-your-own adult stuff. You know, how to apply for a loan. How interest works. Different ways to invest money. These are things you’ll usually only get in college, and that’s only if you’re a business/finance major. And that’s saying nothing about things like buying car insurance, renting an apartment, and getting a credit card without getting ripped off.

Upon reaching adulthood, many of us have no freaking clue how to do these things. We’ve never had to do them before, and no one seems to teach it. And if you’re single, you don’t even have a spouse to feel clueless alongside. It’s all on you. Just you, trying not to let the entire world see that you don’t know how to do this.

So, with this in mind, I’m starting the Spinster How-To series. This regular blog series goes over the various, unmentioned aspects of spinster (and bachelor) life, and how to handle them like a bona fide adult.

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