American Spinster How-To: Feeling Safe At Home

Since the previous blogs covered finding an apartment, home safety seemed like the next best logical step.

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about feeling unsafe when they’re at home alone. This is rarely a problem for me, but the first few nights in a new place are always the exception. Still, I don’t lose any sleep. Why not? I know I’m as safe as I can be. The best way to feel safe when you live alone, is to be safe.


Living Safely By YourselfIf you live in an apartment or rental house, you probably aren’t allowed to change the locks, but you can still make sure that those who have a key can’t enter without your permission. Products such as a door brace are 100% temporary ways to prevent anyone from getting inside, with or without a key.

Why do you need to prevent key holders from getting inside? I’m not paranoid when I say you can’t depend on your apartment managers to do a good job screening their employees. When you live alone, your safety is in your hands. An unscrupulous maintenance person can easily make copies of keys to use for unlawful purposes, so it’s always better to be safe.

American Spinster: Living Safely By YourselfAside from intentional malice, some maintenance workers just won’t respect your privacy that much. I’ve once had someone just unlock and open the door to my apartment, ironically to drop off a replacement key. He meant no harm, but I was very taken aback, especially since I wasn’t dressed.

If you are living someplace where you can make permanent modifications, consider getting a door club or bar restraint.
Windows and Back Door

Again, if you’re renting, permanent security measures may not be an option, and even if they are, iron bars aren’t the most attractive window treatment. A simple security bar will prevent anyone from opening a sliding window or glass door.


Other Measures

  • Keep your phone by your bed, in case you need to call for help
  • Lock your doors whenever you go out, even if it’s only for a few minutes.
  • Do a quick check whenever you return home, to make sure no security measures are out of place

When you know you’re safe, you’ll feel safe. For the first few nights in your new place, it may help to check the closets, behind the shower curtain, and other areas before bed. So what if you feel silly? You owe yourself a sound night’s sleep.


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