Living alone can be an empowering, exciting time in anyone’s life. If you aren’t loving your solo living situation, or if you’re dreading the day when you’ll move out on your own, this article was written for you.

How to Love Living Alone

It’s actually pretty simple to transform your outlook on your solo living situation. Just follow these few, simple steps…

1. Personalize Your Surroundings

It doesn’t matter whether you have a 6-month lease or a 40-year mortgage; if you want to love living alone, you’ve got to personalize your space.┬áThis step is so important that I wrote a mini eBook on the very topic: A Single Woman’s Guide to Creating Your Future Home Now.

How to stop waiting for your future spouse and or baby and start living the life of your dreams Right Now.

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2. Fall in Love with Your Space

Instead of wallowing in your ability to sit in the same set of jammies for days on end, take some genuine joy in your freedom to truly relax. Living alone is an opportunity that may never come your way again. If you get married or move in with someone in the future, no matter how happy you are, I guarantee you will look back on your solo life with fondness. So treat your bachelorette pad with all the love your future self will wish you had.

3. Find Your Comfort Level

One thing extroverted people often dislike about living alone is all the energy-sapping solitude. So if this is you, invite people over! Living alone doesn’t mean being alone at all times. Be proud of your home. Host get-togethers to show it off.

And of course, if you’re introverted, soak up the beautiful, restorative solitude.

4. Take Inspiration

Yaoyao Ma Van As has a beautiful series of illustrations depicting the happy life of a woman living alone. Check it out!

Yaoyao Ma Van As

Final Notes

At the end of the day, when you walk into your solo home, you should feel like a warrior queen returning to your own castle after a long battle. This is your space. Even if you’re renting, you are the sole owner of all that’s within those walls. In the wide world we share, this space is dedicated entirely to you. What’s not to love?

How to Love Living Alone | The American Spinster

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