Tired of reading self-mocking posts about how to best show your single-based, alcohol-drenched misery in the trendiest way? Interested in learning how you can actually enjoy Valentine’s day as a single woman? Read on…

1. Don’t Be S.A.D.

I’m still not entirely sure whether “Single’s Awareness Day” is a full joke or only a partial joke. Either way, its humor is self-effacing. Which is fine, sometimes. But listen. Being single isn’t an illness or disability, and it’s nothing to be S.A.D about. So ditch any invitations that include that lonesome title. Positive mindset, you know?

2. Take a Close Look at Valentine’s Day

I’ve honestly never liked this holiday, no matter what my relationship status was. It’s gaudy, tacky, and all that hot pink is kind of garish. The gifts are contrived, the expectations artificial, and as a result, the actions are pretty meaningless. True, some couples make a serious effort to inject some meaning into the greeting card holiday. But just ask yourself… what are you really missing out on from this particular holiday?

3. Make Plans

The most important thing you need to do is make some plans for February 14th. No matter what those plans are, know ahead of time what you’re doing. Having a few up-in-the-air ideas isn’t going to cut it; you’ll find you’re just not in the mood and end up slouched in front of the computer doing nothing in particular.

Whether you go out, stay in, hang with friends, or fly solo – make sure you’ve got a plan.

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4. Record Your Thoughts

Part of why we don’t like going out alone is because we have no one to talk to. It feels lonely to get excited, have a revelation, or make an observation then have no way to share it. So this Valentine’s day, pick a way to share your thoughts.

If You’re Going Out: Let’s say you’re taking a trip to the aquarium. Record your self-guided tour and post the video on Youtube.

If You’re Staying In: Watching a movie? Write up a review, or use an app like Stardust to share your reactions.

There are plenty of people who want to hear your opinions, ideas, and responses to your experiences; the fact that they’re not physically present is no reason to deny them.

How to Enjoy Valentine's Day as a Single Woman | The American Spinster

5. Forget the Heart-Shaped Box

Get yourself a treat, but don’t fall back on buying yourself chocolates in a heart-shaped box. Treat yourself to your favorite type of candy instead. Has it been years since you’ve had some Swedish Fish? Have you always loved candy dots? Instead of taking part in the empty Valentine’s ritual, give yourself something that will make you happy.

How to Enjoy Valentine's Day as a Single Woman | The American Spinster

6. Don’t Fake It

If you aren’t happy about being single, don’t pretend you are. It’s okay to miss being in a relationship. What’s not okay is using your single status as an excuse to waste a perfectly good night rolling around in piles of your own self-pity. Because here’s a tip: if you can’t enjoy your own company, you’ll never be much good in a relationship.

So drop the bravado, drop the sad self-indulgence, and just enjoy the night.

How to Enjoy Valentine's Day as a Single Woman | The American Spinster

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