How to have a meaningful life without kids – Part 5/5 – Keep Your Focus on the Endgame.

Or, Don’t get too sidetracked by the mini-quests.

Do you ever play a video game, and get so wrapped up in a side quest that you lose sight of your main goal? You hunt around for gold (rupees, or what-have-you) to get this next thing, which will let you get to this thing, which will allow you to complete this mini-quest, which will allow you to get the other thing, which you can take back to the wizard to get the thing you need to continue on your main quest.

Obviously in a game, as soon as you finally finish all that, you can get back to the main goal. But in real life, some people either completely forget about the main quest, or they never knew about it in the first place. So when they finally finish the mini-quest, they’re left… with nothing. Just some useless sword that doesn’t seem to be good for anything.

Well, I finished the quest. Now what?
Well, I finished the quest. Now what?

This is the disillusionment that falls over people who were focused on real life’s mini-quests. The mothers who had children because they thought it would make them happy, the success-driven business men and women who were brought up believing that once there was enough money they could relax, and the single, childfree people who pursued pure, momentary gratification believing that self-indulgence was the goal in life.

Dissatisfaction and disappointment don’t come from choosing a certain career or lifestyle. They come from putting one’s faith and hope for happiness in said choices. For example…

"I'm just not feeling the spark anymore, Mr. Bank."
“Where did all our passion go, Mr. Bank?”

The problem with making financial security your goal isn’t that money is bad. It’s that money is just a means to an end. When you focus on the means and lose sight of the end, your goals will shift. When you finally do attain them, you won’t be where you wanted. Money can buy physical security and comfort, and those are very important in this life. But your focus has to be on your overall well being, not just your physical well being.

The problem with making children your goal is that children are actual people. They are their own individual selves, not tools for your comfort. Being a parent and watching your children grow can be an immense source of comfort, but if your goal in having children is to be happy, you will be disappointed.

To lead a meaningful life, your underlying focus and goal in all things must be to improve yourself. And when I say “improve,” that’s not to imply that you’re in a bad place. It just means you’re in your starting place at the beginning of the game. Think of every new thing you learn or accomplish as leveling up. The classes you take, volunteer work you do, and so forth are all power ups you pick up along the way.

New skill added - Level Up complete!
New skill added – Level Up complete!

Do you want to have children? Good. Enjoy infinite experience points. Do you want to travel the world? Go ahead. You’ll find plenty of ways to increase your awareness and add to your supply of knowledge. We’re taught to believe that focusing on ourselves is bad, selfish, or downright hedonistic, but it’s not. Just like in a single player game, you are the only person you can control, so your well-being must be your focus. That only becomes selfish when you drag other people into your life and then sacrifice their well-being for yours (and that includes having kids you don’t want).

So go out, travel, make money, indulge, and have fun. But don’t let these things become your goal or source of happiness, or you’ll likely find yourself alone at the end of it all.

And when one mini-quest is complete, move on to the next one. Don’t look back and tell yourself, “If I’d only made a different choice back at the last castle, I’d be happy!” The game isn’t over – you’ve just decided to stop in the middle and mourn a decision that, ultimately, wouldn’t affect the outcome in any significant way. If you get to 45 or 50 and think that you’d be happier if you’d have children, you’re wrong. Pinning your hope on someone else is never the answer. If you’d had kids, you’d just be unhappy in a different way.

Focus on the Endgame - Having a Meaningful Life without Kids

Simply enjoy that fact that you are your goal; you are your quest. Because in the end, the only person you’ll really have, right up until your last breath, is your own amazing self.



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