Make 2018 the year you love being single.

One of the new products I said I’d be releasing in 2018 is my free email challenge: 30 Days to Love Being Single.

30 Days to LOVE Being Single | FREE Email Course

What is it?

This email course is a series of 30 emails (a new one is sent to your inbox each day after signing up) that will challenge you to grow as a single woman. Each email prompts you to take specific actions that will help you learn to love all that your solo life has to offer.

How Can I Be “Happy” About Being Alone?

Being single isn’t a waiting period. It’s a part of your life that you should be enjoying! Unfortunately, in the pro-coupling world we live in, that can be pretty difficult. How are you supposed to love being single when everyone around you is either pitying you or trying to set you up? How do you enjoy something that every sitcom and movie says is a problem to be overcome?

This free, 30-day course explains it all.

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Why a 30 day course?

As the old saying goes, 30 days makes a habit. This course is designed to make enjoying your single life a habit – something you do every day without thinking. One new habit, one shift in thinking, one positive outlook you express each day, can truly change your life.

Why should I sign up?

Quite simply, you have nothing to lose and a happier life to gain. This email challenge is 100% FREE! That’s 30 days of free resources tailored to your situation. So if you’re single and not very happy about it, sign up now.

Okay, I'm ready! Sign me up!

Have you tried the challenge? What do you think so far? Let me know what you love and what didn’t work for you in the comments below.

30 Days to Love Being Single - FREE Email Course


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